I am caregiver for my brother, and I live with him. He has panic disorder, thinks he is dying because he cannot breathe. I have taken him to various Drs. for stomach complaints and he gives himself enemas daily. He will not change his diet. He was given a med for anxiety, but takes it around clock because he is so nervous. He monitors me to make sure I will check on him, because he is not feeling well. He has eczema but won't go to the Dr because he has so much wrong. He has not had a shower or bath for years. I am at my wits end to know what to do for him. He stays in room and refuses to take antidepressant. He has seen a psychologist but unless you are around him it is hard to understand the depth of his mental state. He had lost 60 lbs when I moved in. He has gained 30lbs. But is sliding back into not eating and seems angry all the time. He gets angry at me if I tell the Dr. the truth about his state of mind. He checks his b/p several times daily. He is hard of hearing but gets angry at me for shouting at him ... what do I do? He did have friends at one time, but one is dying and asking to see him but he won't leave house, says he is in too bad a shape. He is mentally. I don't know what to do with him .

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He has needs beyond what a caring and devoted sister can provide.

He does need to be under the care of a mental health professional, and he also needs to be compliant with his treatment plan. Whether there is anything you can do to bring that about, I don't know.
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I may be overstepping my bounds but it sounds like your brother is mentally ill. He needs to be under the care of a psychiatrist.
Would that be possible?
But if he isn't cooperative now, I'm not sure you could get him to go.

I doubt that anything you could do at the house that would work for him. He needs professional help. Try to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and go along. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication that can help him with his anxiety and other issues.

I'm sorry this has fallen on you. Your brother is a sick person.
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Vjewel, your brother is severely mentally ill. There is nothing you can do with him. He needs to be taken to a facility where they can take care of him and get him on  the right medications. You need to apply for Medicaid for him if he doesn’t have money. You also need to contact Adult Protective Services and have them come out. It won’t be a pleasant thing to do, but he needs to be out of the house and somewhere where they might be able to help him.
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