My uncle is 90, has COPD but lives independently, is very independent, makes all his own appointments, gets to them by bus, and gets all his prescriptions. But he says the prescriptions don't do anything and I think he doesn't take most of them. I haven't been very involved in his health care because he is so independent, but now his lower legs are very swollen and pink. He has an appointment with a urologist in about a week, but I am wondering if I need to get him somewhere sooner.

Last time he was in the emergency room due to shortness of breath the doctor told him the swollen legs were because he needs to take his heart medicine, but he insists it does nothing. Is the urologist next Thursday an OK plan, or does he need to get to a cardiologist sooner? Or is there something else we should do about his legs?

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I'd try to get him in somewhere sooner if possible. It could be because of him not taking his medicine, but I would have it seen about to be on the safe side to make sure it isn't something else.
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In the meantime have him elevate his legs.
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It sounds like Congestive Heart Failure. You don’t “feel” anything when you take heart meds. Tell him that. But if you don’t take them, you won’t feel anything either, ‘cause you’ll be dead. 😜.

Withiut being overbearing, get familiar with his meds. Ride the bus with him to his appointments and the pharmacy.

Truthfully? I’d go to the cardio before the urologist. ,
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