There is a prescription med so consult a doctor
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My father has a restless leg as a neurological symptom of his MS and takes a medication to lessen the tremors. This has helped both him and my mom sleep much sounder!

Have you discussed with your doctor what medication is available for you?
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I am not sure what you call it but I have a routine I do nightly that might help?

Lay, comfortably, in bed.
Start with some deep breathing, until you start relaxing.
Now, starting with your feet, tense them (clench) Hold for a little while and relax them.
Now do exactly the same with the calf's (calves??)- The next bit up from the feet (hehehe)
I do the same with the thighs then I slowly work up the rest of my body to my head.
IN MY HEAD I try and relax my jaw, then with my eyes closed I lower my eyes. This gives me an 'inside head' view of about 1 x inch. Now I try and see one item or thing in the centre. Does not always work but mostly (sometimes it seems to go to the left or right) But find what suits you.

Good luck
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