Last night about 3 am my husband couldn't wake me up, brought me to a sitting position and still nothing and saliva coming out of my mouth? This has never happened to me ever and I'm a very light sleeper. He called 911 and I went to the ER and they did a Cat Scan but found no problem, so what could have happened to me? I'm so upset by what happened.

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If the ER doctors couldn't find anything wrong, did they recommend a follow-up visit to a specific medical specialty doctor? Typically that's what will happen.

You can also order your medical records for the ER visit and take them to one of your doctors, a PCP, perhaps a neurologist if the CAT scan was done of your brain. In fact, what part of your body was CAT scanned?
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More questions I am afraid. how long were you unresponsive?
Do you have any history of seizure disorder?
Why did your husband try to wake you at 3am?
Were you just discharged home after the CT scan?
When you came too were you fully aware or wholly for a while?
Did you experience any incontinence?
have you been referred to a neurologist?
Was an MRI ordered?
We can make guesses but only your professionals can find out what if anything happened.
Of course you are very upset by something like this it is very scary.
Do you have sleep apnea?
Has you hudband noticed if you actually seem to stop breathing for a few seconds?
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Had you taken any medications or herbal supplements before bed?
Did you eat or drink anything different yesterday?
When you woke up, did you have any deficits (weakness in the arms or legs) or difficulty with speaking?

Did he see you having saliva coming out of your mouth and that's why he tried to awaken you?
Did you know you had an "episode" or did you feel strange?
Were you fully awake when they took you by ambulance?

Try to see if yesterday was any different than the days before. Were you painting? Using any other chemicals?

What did the ER doctors it could be?

Sorry, I have more questions than answers.
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