Just Ensure a couple times a day.

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Does your mother have other behaviors that might indicate dementia? How about depression?

A thorough medical examination, including mental health, sounds like a good idea right now.
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Is this new behavior for your mother? Or, has she always been unmotivated to get out of the house? What is her personal history of taking care of herself i.e. diet and exercise? Did she have hobbies but has lost interest in them? What about relationships with friends and family?

If this is the way she has always been, old age will only make her more so. And there may be nothing you can do about it. But if this behavior is new, a geriatrician may be able to help.

Does your mother cooperate?
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Call the doctor.
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Hello Chrissymom and welcome.

We'll need a little more to go on to say anything helpful in response to your reaching out :)

Does your mother live alone?
How old is she?
Is anything in particular worrying you, such as recent changes in your mother's condition or mental state?

Hope to hear more from you.
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