Her Doctor doesn't know what is causing her to perspire so much while in bed, and come mainly from her head and face. Her bedroom is not too hot or too cold and the bed clothes are always clean fresh. She takes losartan, propranolol, hydrochlorothorazine and donepezil. Does anyone know what this "night sweats" is about? It's been going on for a long time (yrs). Mom thinks that the Doctor she 's seeing is a good Doctor but, he doesn't have the time to really investigate and find out what is causing her to perspire so much. Mom is 95 yrs old but she's doing pretty good for someone her age. If anyone can help find the answer and help my Mom get a good nights sleep without waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet, we would be very grateful . Thank You so much for your time -Tim

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Hi Tim
I could think of a couple of things but was astounded by all the things that can cause night sweats once I looked it up. I’ve attached a link. The obvious things like menopause and pregnancy of course wouldn’t apply.
Other things you could probably rule out with your mom’s blood work like hyperthyroidism, blood sugar irregularities
and side effects from medications are listed. Some would be harder to diagnose like underlying lymphoma. And for some people for no known reason, perhaps this is your mom, no reason can be found as to why they suffer from night sweats.
At the end of this list of seven reasons there is another link listing six more reasons that occur less often.
As annoying as this must be she has had this issue for years and is an amazing 95 years old. She may never know why this occurs. But do check this site and see if any of the reasons seem like something you should look into with her.
I suspect her doctor doesn’t want to put her through tests that might be anxiety provoking. And anxiety and mental issues are also listed as reasons that one might experience night sweats.
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Tim, sometimes side effects from medicines can do that. I remember my Dad had "hot flashes" from something he was taking, so the doctor changed the medicine.

Another thing, when laundry is being done, is whomever is doing the wash using those sweet scented detergents? I would say switch over to the "white containers" which usually indicate they are scent free and dye free. Same with the softener, use non-scented. See if that makes a difference.

I know for myself, I have a small desk top fan that is on my dresser that blows a nice breeze across the bed, that way I am not waking up feeling clammy in this unusually hot weather, even with the central air running.

Any plug-in air fresheners? Take those out. Your Mom would be sensitive to the smell since she is in the room more hours at one time then not.

Is your Mom using a feather pillow? My Dad couldn't use those at all. Neither can I.

What about the bedding, using a blanket between the sheet and bedspread? Take off the blanket as that could be overheating Mom. For myself, I even fold down the bedspread to the foot of the bed, folded a certain way to make it easy to pull up if the room does become chilly. .

I sure hope something is found that is causing the night sweats, as that can be uncomfortable.
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I would ask the doctor to do a complete blood work up on her. He needs to take the time to do this for her,and you, because it’s concerning to both of you. Her hormone levels might be off. Also, try a small ice pack wrapped in a towel against her side. And, alcohol and spicy foods can also cause sweating.
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