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Here is a great article that explains narcissism by a therapist, with links to even more information.
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The definition=My Mother!
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Abby2018 Jan 26, 2020 so stole my answer lol. Wonder just how many of us think the same?
If you are wondering about it, I'm sure you're not being treated well by someone. For me, the most challenging part of living with a narcissist is that most days they make me question my own sanity.
Click that blue shape that says narcissism under your question.
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You can look in the DSM for a detailed clinical definition. But fundamentally it's a sense of entitlement. They feel entitled to special treatment due to their stunning beauty and/or stable genius. They are better than everyone else and are thus entitled to be treated in a way fitting of their stature.
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rocketjcat Jan 26, 2020
Hahaha stable genius! Thanks!
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