My husband also has vascular dementia. I haven't been able to get him to see a doctor in almost a year.

He has no energy to do anything. Not shower or change his clothes. He becomes very combative when I have to insist on changing his underwear and sponging him down. He watches tv and sleeps. His appetite has decreased the past six months. All he wants is chocolate milk and jello. I have made numerous appts the past 8 months but had to cancel because of his reisistance. Want to start home health, but no one will approve unless he is evaluated by a doctor. I am going round and round. I keep him hydrated and comfortable and making sure he takes his meds. I just don't know what else to do. Anyone have any experience with CHF. Thank you

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Ask his doctor if he has a Nurse Practitioner that can visit.

I would think if he has Heart failure he is retaining water. Is he having a hard time breathing? My neighbor had to have his lungs drained all the time.
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This sounds a lot like my husband too. Although he is eating a bit better than yours. Mine has major depression which keeps him from wanting to do anything at all which includes bathing.
He has a fit if I try and get him to wash up or change his underwear too.

I don't have an answer for you, but I know what you are going through.
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You nereneed to find a visiting physician service. Call your local Area Agency on Aging and see if they know of one.
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