As Frazzled stated, you can hire aides to help assist and supervise your parents. We used Visiting Angels when my MIL visited for a month a few years back before she could no longer travel.
You can call them (or another agency) and speak to them about your needs.
We were very pleased with the service Visiting Angels provided. The staff were always on time and we’re genuinely nice people.
I think we paid $25/hr for an aide as my MIL just needed supervision when walking, help making lunch, etc.
I am not sure what the cost would be now though, as this was about 5 yrs ago.
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There are some good agencies out there that you can hire to provide in-home care for respite. Visiting Angels is one that comes to mind off the top of my head. They can be costly, but you might contact your area Agency on Aging, as well as your social services department. In some cases, family caregivers can qualify for help with respite. Also, I would check to see if your area has a PACE program. They offer assistance with adult day care, transportation to and from, etc and may help with respite too, but I'm not sure.
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