My mom see’s dead people all the time, she says she goes on excursions with them. She thinks I go with her also. She is delusional. She is not making any sense with her talking. It’s like she just grabs words from the air and strings them together. Makes no sence what so ever. Is this a sign that she is nearing the end or not?

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That is mama she wants to know where her mama is, she calls her Ma. The other day she went all over the house calling Ma.
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My grandmother had lengthy conversations with her beloved husband who died 36 years before she did. I don't know if she say other people, but as a firm believer that this life is NOT the end--and there is a wonderful afterlife to look forward to--having her say things about granddad coming to her and trying to get her to come with was so special.

I asked her why she didn't just take granddad's hand and GO with him, and she was concerned about my mother, whom she felt would not do well. I said 'we have mom, don't worry, please, go with grandpa." She passed about a day later, quietly and we rejoiced for the reunion they must have had.

I do not think this is random brain firing--daddy had the same experience, seeing his beloved sister and mother and dad. We all encouraged him to go with them, we'd all be OK.

BTW, both of these people were coherent and when they spoke to us, were acclimated to where they were, etc. I know that is not unusual--we were given a blessing of comfort through these experiences.

But--that is just me and my faith speaking.
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We don’t really have any way to interpret or explain what people with dementia talk about. A damaged brain does not function as a healthy brain functions.

Not “making any sense” is a symptom of dementia. Depending on the age and physical condition of an elderly person, they may or may not be at “the beginning of the end”.

It can be useful to just accept what a person with dementia is doing at the moment, rather than try to interpret what is being said, or think about why someone is saying what they say.
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It is impossible to determine when someone with dementia symptoms will die. Delusions, illogical and irrational behavior is typical advancement of Alzheimer's. My wife used to sit by the window and wait for her dad to pick her up. He died In 1980. The fact that she make no sense when speaking, did not dissuade me from talking to her. I felt it was important for her to know I was still there with her. I tried to determine what she was saying but our "conversations" were more a monologue on my part. Don't be surprised, however, if, occasionally, she will mutter a totally lucid, understandable sentence. Please educate yourself about the disease. Many books are available. "The 36 Hour Day" and "Learning to Speak Alzheimer's" are excellent.
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I'm wondering the same thing. Recently my grandmother has started having dreams of deceased loved ones and she believes these dreams are real. She falls asleep, dreams about her mother (my Nana) who has been dead for thirty years, wakes up and asks me where Nana is, like she's still alive. It has me thinking the same as you- is this the beginning of the end?
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