My parents are in AL with my mom getting significant support for daily living activities. Although she has a diagnosis of dementia, the facility is not licensed for memory care, so dad cannot take deduction based on that.

He got a letter from the facility saying they could take a deduction if they had support with 2 or more daily living activities. What documentation do people get for this in case he is audited?

Oh, dad does his own taxes thru Turbo Tax...even at 94 years of age!

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The info that I got from my dad's assisted living indicated that the Room/Board portion of the bill was not deductible but, as you noted, you could take a deduction based on support with 2 or more ADL's. In my dad's assisted living the fees for ADLs are established by level - Level 1, Level 2, etc - are separately charged so you should be able to get information on which ADL's are included in their level of assistance. In my dad's case he has "Introductory level" which is medication management only, consequently he can't take any deduction.
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