I feel like I have posted a lot here lately... Thanks for letting me vent...

Mom frequently refuses to take her meds. She only takes synthroid, plavix, and blood pressure medication. She also has to take a stool softener/laxative because she becomes impacted quickly. Mom is a nurse from way back. She counts her pills and knows if we are giving her more. My brother forces her to take them, saying it "will make you better." Obviously, that's not the case.

When she was in the nursing home for respite care, I was told she didn't want to take them, so they didn't make her. I am of the mindset to not force her to take them. At age 94, what does it matter?

Your thoughts?

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I agree with your mom. I’ve stopped some of my own medications recently. My doc was told and he said OK. Between a respiratory inhaler, back injections, nose spray and a pill I’ve been taking enough steroids to make my bones dissolve!

Why don’t doctors periodically glean the medicine cabinet?

I’m a retired RN too. If I was 94, then for real, I’d skip the pills. She has a right!!!!!
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