Mama has Vasular Dementia. She's not opening her eyes and I feed her. I have to tell her to open her eyes and chew. Sometimes she will chew the food, at times I'll get it out of her mouth.. This has been going on about a 4 days. She can't walk, she's dead weight, although when OT came out,and she stood up with his help, he put in his notes "she's able to walk"? With this being said, she was not approved for Hospice or help. We're in need of a hospital bed-so when we give her meds, we won't have to strain, get her up- HOLD her up and give her meds- through a spoon with applesauce. My Daddy, 85 years of age, is her caregiver. I live close and stay most of the day with her, but I'm married and I HAVE to go back to work within 1 week. I'm overwhelmed and completely lost and discouraged. We have Gentiva home health, but they say she's not showing progress with the therapy. I'm like"REALLY"? I know she's not. The ambulance came out not too long ago,after spending all night in the ER, they said there's nothing they can do, so we had to take her home. I need some guidance.

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She needs to be in a skilled nursing care facility. Have her re-evaluated for hospice. You have to keep your life and sanity and at 85 your dad can't handle all moms needs.
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