My mother is of sound mind but very stubborn. She is refusing to pay the LTC facility that she is in because she wants to leave, she has been there almost a year. Usually I write the check and mail it out. This month she transferred money into another account without mentioning anything to me. Should I transfer the money back and pay the facility? If she doesn't pay I am sure that she will be asked to leave being left homeless and without most of the assistance that she needs. What kind of liability would I have then?

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The fact that your Mom doesn't feel she needs to pay Long-term-care, right there she isn't make a sound decision. You can then step in as DPOA to make sure the facility is paid on time each month.

I am curious, if Mom is in long-term-care, how did she transfer money into another account? Or is she still able to use a computer? You set up access to view Mom's accounts on-line and make any changes that deem appropriate.

Did your Mom say where she would go if she leaves? Another unsound decision, especially if she needs skilled nursing care. It could be that a bit of dementia is starting to show up. Ask Mom why she would want to leave.

I use to ask my Dad what would he liked done that would make his life better where he is living. He never had any major complaints about the facility, and he appreciated me asking him that question :)
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