We were trying to move Mom into a private home with a caregiver but she suffered a compression fracture. She has a total income of $1500 per month and Secure Horizon and MediCare coverage.

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She will be admitted medicaide pending while the social worker does the application you will needs to supply information but do not go crazy the social worker will have access to what she needs probably without leaving her computor everything will be based on her assests and if she has what they say is too much money she will have to spend down which means she may have to pay for her care until she reaches whatever they say is the amount she is allowed to have. The first thing you will need is to see an elder lawyer you can use her money for that and get his advice they do look back a number of years usually 5 to make sure she did not give away large sums of money so they will have to get bank statements probably going back 3 yrs her bank can do that easily it took about a week for me to get this from my bank. The main thing is her comfort-I have has these fractures and they are so painful so I hope her MD. is addressing this issue. You will need to visit nursing homes in your area-I have always felt the closest to you is the best so you can go in often to visit and get to know the staff -her doc will probably not be caring for her the nursing home will give you a list of the docs there and you can always change later on. You could use her money for home care but it is expensive about 25 dollars an hour and sometimes it is hard to get good CNA's and if she needs mush care the nursing home is the answer and once she is there you will be able to take her home for visits. After you visit a few you will be assured it is not so bad esp. if you have not been in nursing homes in a while-my husband was in short stays many times about 16 times in his last few years of life-I was there in 2 so much the pt.s and families thought I worked there. The care is the same if she is on self pay or total medicaide and if after all is said and done you want to move her you will be able to-I found most problems can be solved easily if you remain calm and respectful to the people in charge, Good luck-let us know how it goes you experience will help others-I know it can be overwhelming but todays adults are starting to plan ahead also make sure that you know of any insurance she may have my MIL was taked into long term care and was told not to tell us which we found out about after she was placed which my husband had to fight for to get to pay for her care when he went through her checkbook if we had known she could have goten some help at home.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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