We have grouted 1 foot square tiles throughout the kitchen and foyer. When Spouse's walker travels over them with him leaning heavily on it, the noise is terrific and echoes throughout the open floorplan. It sounds like a horse galloping over cobblestones. Are there walker wheels like silicone, or a softer rubber?

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He has about 3 walkers: two of the two-wheeled noisy types and a rollator. He likes the two-wheeled ones because they are lighter and he can roll down the ramp to drive away, after folding the walker to fit into the back seat. The rollator sits in the corner.
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Pronker, what type of walker does hubby have? Two wheel or four wheel?

My Dad had the 4-wheel rolling walker which has a built in seat [which was quite comfortable] and hand brakes, the walker was pretty quiet when he used it. You may want to take hubby to a store that sell these types of walkers and have him test drive one.
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The cheap fix is attaching tennis balls cut open enough to slip through
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pronker Dec 24, 2018
Thanks for the swift reply. We've used tennis balls in the past. The tennis balls last about 2 weeks, because even though he has a rollator, he sticks to the sort of walker that has front wheels (these are the hard plastic sort that make the noise) and the back solid supports with the ski-type tips. The VA issued rollator sits in the corner, unused. He wants the sort of walker that he can roll down the ramp to the driveway, load the light aluminum walker into the car and drive off.

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