The Walmart ones are lightweight. On sale you can get them for $100. If only using occasionally, I would go this way. Wheelchairs from Medicare are heavier. More for constant use.

If the person has a weight problem or just a big person, you will need a wide wheelchair. If over 6 ft you may want one for a tall person. Also, Medicare has rules where if you get this, they won't pay for that. Make sure you outright will own it or its just being rented by Medicare. When I worked at a Nursing facility it was brought to our attention that certain durable equipment has to be returned to where it was purchased.
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Before you buy one, I might check with your doctor. My husband has a regular wheelchair and a power wheelchair and Medicare paid for them both, it we had to have a doctor’s order.
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I purchased this one from Wal-Mart and a gel seat cushion. It is lightweight enough that I can pick it up and put it in my trunk. It is a transport wheelchair, it has small wheels

gel pad
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