My husband's grandmother (92) lives with us. Her only son passed at age 26 and my husband and I moved her in with us almost two years ago. The lift chair has been great until recently. I know we have to have one for getting her up and down but sometimes I am afraid that we may have to take away the remote soon. Sometimes she will just raise and lower the chair for about a half an hour. I will tell her that she is going to burn up the motor and then she will stop. Recently we started having issues with her having her walker to close and may bring the foot part of the chair down onto the wheels and then the chair is unable to lower the foot part and the chair starts raising off the ground. Often times she will ask us if her chair is up and she will have it all the way back. There is someone here with her almost at all times but even if we have stepped outside for something or have slipped down the the basement or even the bathroom, I fear that she may get hurt with the chair. Just today she had slipped down in the chair so as she went to get up, she was just about falling out of the chair.

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If she balks at taking the remote away, remove the batteries, maybe?
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relyingonfaith, time to take away the "toy" [remote] from Mom. Depending on how the remote cord is attached to the lift chair, maybe it can be placed out of Mom's reach.

Since someone is there in the house almost all the time, Mom now will need to ask for help getting out of the lift chair.... then that person uses the remote, not Mom.

My Dad had a lift chair and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, he loved it, Dad was still pretty good with the remote.
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relyingonfaith Jan 2019
So I have toyed with the idea of taking the remote away and talked to my husband (this is his grandmother). He pushes and pushes for her to keep doing stuff on her own so he didn't seem to keen on taking the remote away. I imagine he is thinking that we are going to be up and down, up and down, because she will consistently say that she is uncomfortable. I think he pushes her to keep doing things on her own, thinking that each time we starting doing more she is doing less and less.

Also, if we take the remote away, do I just say "From now on you call us when you need to adjust your chair or get up" ??? I hate decisions.
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