I went back to an old thread on namenda causing aggression in dementia patients. I am not sure that this med is causing it, I just think this is her personality exponentially magnified with dementia. She is due to mental health eval on the 17th to see if some other med needs to be added. I have read that seroquel is often added, and spoke to charge nurse last night asking if that is used. Yes, often.

No matter who goes to see my mother, these angry outbursts are relentless. If you can't 'spring' her, don't come back. Her grandchildren and great grandchild won't be going back.

Does this ever stop?

One nurse says we should not tell her about sale of her property. However to try to convince her she now lives at memory care, we might have to.

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What about meds? Good advice on the houses. Thank you.

I have read so many threads now about anger being so common. It's just so prevalent apparently.
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I would not tell her the house sold. Mom might not evenmean that house when she talks of home. She may mean the one she grew up in. Yes, fib a little.
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She has been checked for UTI. Negative.
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Segoline, there are times when an Urinary Tract Infection can cause aggression, anger and outbursts. Have Mom checked for the infection. It can be treated with antibiotics.

The nurse is correct regarding not telling your Mom that her property has sold, but I disagree with telling Mom that she now lives at Memory Care.

I assume the property included Mom's home. If Mom wants to return to her home, time to bring out a "theraputic fib" by saying "we will need to ask your doctor if it ok for you to go back home" "doctor said you aren't ready to return home" "the house is being remodeled and that takes time" etc. Anything you think Mom will accept. Rinse, Repeat.
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