Hello all my 66-year-old husband with frontal lobal dementia is going through a really difficult negative spell.

He is normally very happy and go lucky but nothing makes him happy right now; nothing I say makes him feel better, can’t get him to do even the most basic things that we’ve been doing during the pandemic such as going for walks, he’s not a reader or a puzzle guy and we can only watch so much TV

We loved to do yard work and is so much happier when he is active, but we have run out of things to do around the yard since we’ve been gone so much.

He’s just not a happy person right now and I’m really struggling with how to pass the time because I have to direct him every second of the day (which is exhausting). appreciate any thoughts or suggestions

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Can you just give him some space for a week or two?

Today, I was amazed at how many people were struggling with negativity, even long time posters. My heart goes out to each and every one of us.

I could be wrong, but my husband appreciates being fed well and often. And being left alone to sit in front of his computer all day.

What does your husband do if left alone and not redirected?
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Will he do projects? Even if they're kind of "make work" that don't really need to be done? Just to keep him busy?

Adult day care? Senior center?

At least get someone to sit with him for a few hours so you can get a break. Very exhausting.
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I would hope you might be able to utilize the advice of a doctor with this issue. Perhaps you have since you are aware of his illness but it could possibly help if said doctor might be able to prescribe medication to offer some relief. It might help you too to find a therapist to help you find ways to live with what you are dealing with. I am sure others will offer guidance on dealing with this particular illness.
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