I will like to check how long more can the patient survive if they have not been feeding milk through the tube 2 days back. according to the doctors the intestine has stopped functioning and the body is only given morphine and IV Drips. Patient has suffered stoke for the 2nd time. doctors has also mentioned that if the IV will to drop off they will take it out and the patient will not be placed on drip anymore. this is correct ?

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Every situation is different. Is the person unresponsive?
It sounds from your post that this person at end of life. Have you thought of asking hospice to evaluate? Or is the person already hospitalized and recently had a second stroke?
I would talk to the person's doctors to ask what the prognosis is.
No one can predict when a person will pass away but from what you have posted it sounds like the second stroke has caused much brain damage and that they can no longer sustain life.
My mother had her first stroke which effected her in that she could no longer recognize my brother and I. Six weeks or so later she had another and became unresponsive but could breathe on her own. About 3-4 days after the second stroke, she passed away.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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