80 year old is the full caretaker for a 94 year old. Im concerned for burn out, falling, elder abuse. What can happen in the state of OHIO?

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Not sure about Ohio but good you are realizing that something could happen to ANY caretaker. Regardless of age. Always good to have a backup plan. Burn out is a real concern for any care taker. Make sure they get respite, have back up when needed and lots of visits, cards and letters and phone calls. Usually when someone falls it's a good time to regroup on best practices going forward. Rehab, alternate housing. It depends on the severity of the fall. Elder abuse? If you feel that the person is in danger take action. If you don't live near by call area on aging to make a visit and check on their well being. If you are worried about elder abuse it could be the caretaker is already burned out. The primary dr can order home health to come weekly and take vitals and arrange medicines. An aid can come in and help with bathing. Physical therapy can be done at home. Does one or the other have dementia or other health problems? Are there mobility issues? What are your concerns beyond their ages?
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