I went to pharmacy at grocery store. They used to give me free pill cutter. Now I have to buy it. And the pill can slide as I'm closing the top. Saw a couple in drug store that don't look any better. Need one where pill can't move. Thanks.

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The blade on any pill cutter will dull VERY quickly. I have to replace mine about once a month. I got sick of having a pretty good "half" and then a pile of dust.

Ask the pharmacist for the Cadillac of pill cutters. The free ones are useless, they MUST make some that work for more than 10 pills or so.
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All the ones I have seen are designed for round pills. In general oval or odd shaped pills are either scored to make splitting easier or are not supposed to be halved at all, especially ones with a heavy shell.
I have had the pharmacy split prescription pills, they would probably split your over the counter pills too if you ask.
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I am still trying to find a good pill cutter.   With so many odd shape pills it becomes a real challenge to get an even cut for both sides.   The oblong pills are a real pain, unless you are able to snap them in half using your fingers.

At times I wish I could use a hammer to tap on the handle of a regular screwdriver !!
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