What to do when a sibling doesn't want to talk about issues? I ask my sister if we could go for lunch alone together and talk about some issues between us. She said I am beyond that? I said okay. Was hurt because she didn't even consider mine. How should I deal with it I cannot be phoney, never could.

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Can I be truthful? If one of my brothers asked me to have lunch to talk about our issues, I might have done the same thing as your sister did. That would have been very awkward for me. I would have more likely suggested going in the kitchen, making a ham and cheese sandwich and talk about whatever came up. What type of issues did you want to discuss with your sister?
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Hi overwhelm, This was the case (and still is mostly)... After trying so hard for so long, I finally and truly excepted this (even though I never will understand how siblings can do this). When I let go, I felt a sense of relief ( this took years)... Oddly when I don' try my brother's come to me (even though they 'live there own lives and. Never helped in my mother's care at my home... Or even came over except for maybe a few hours once in a millennium ... I have no sisters. I know how much this hurts, but as I have found, you can't change people, even when they're you sister or brother. You can't do anymore than what you've done... And give your love... Anger doesn't help.
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