I am not sure what the best way is to deal with my Mother-In-Law constantly asking the same thing.

She goes in and finds her checkbook and asks about her taxes about every two weeks. And explaining to her that it has all been taken care of can be a bit challange at times.

My Response:
To be sympathetic to the fact that her memory is pretty much shot and to humor her and just accept that she will keep asking. I don't want to degraid her in any way as I know it's hard for her to give up control.

My Husbands Response:
He shows frustration that she is asking again and feels that he has to put his foot down and tells her that she has to stop and trust that he has taken care of it. He tells her that she is driving herself and him crazy because she brings the same thing up over and over again. He wants to hide the checkbook from her as he thinks it will stop her from doing this again.

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EmilieK, I do the same thing. It can be Groundhog Day the movie around here on many days. I've learned to just follow the script that worked the day before. I'm not perfect, though. Some days my frustration comes through, then I feel bad.I try to forgive myself, because I know people weren't designed to go through Chinese water torture daily. It can get very discouraging.
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My husband ask's me the same questions over and over again each day. When it comes to the banking and asking about money I just answer him with Oh yes we took care of that. I will sometimes show him the paper work and that seems to calm him for a while then he will ask again. I have noticed that if I answer the same questions like it';s the first time he has asked I do not get all frustrated. I always keep my answer short or he will forget the answer before I'm finished talking. :)
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“As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.”
― John Lennon
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