I wonder if 2 beers daily and supper makes things worse.

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I don't see any information about your loved one in your profile. Does the person you are asking about have dementia?

It is not uncommon that people with dementia have "good" times of day, and times when they are less alert. There is a phenomenon called "sundowning" for example, when dementia seems worse in the late afternoon or evening.

So, yes, a couple of beers MIGHT be contributing to cognitive issues, but not necessarily. The pleasure of doing something "normal" like having a beer should also be taken into consideration.

Would this person be willing to go without the beer for a few days, as an experiment?

My husband's doctors (3 of them, at different clinics) all approved of 2 drinks a day for him, unless they seemed to adversely affect his balance. (They didn't.) He did not drink every day, and occasionally at a social event he might have 3 or 4 drinks total for the day. It took him a long time to finish a drink, and often at a restaurant he left half a glass of wine or half a bottle of beer behind. He enjoyed them more at home where he could take all afternoon to drink a bottle.

I have never heard of a meal making cognition worse. Although, come to think of it, when I've over eaten (think Thanksgiving) I get pretty groggy myself.

I suspect that this person just doesn't do as well by the end of the day. But if you could arrange some experiments you may be able to see for yourself.

Have you discussed this with his or her doctor?
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Depends on what medications are interacting with the beer.
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