Mother is 96 years old with Alzheimer's and presently living in an independent living facility paying $1,000.00 per week. According to the government assisted living facilities, she is not crisis and does not qualify for a spot in the Long Term Care facilities. She is mobile with a walker but has has no hold of any conversation or memory when spoken to. She is a collector (hoarder) and her room daily needs cleaning out. She wears the same clothes day in and day out and will not let anyone take her clothes to launder thinking they are going to steal them. She supposedly sponge baths as she does not like showers nor will she let anyone assist her with a shower. As for her hair, a comb goes through it!
Wish this site was for more people than "just" Americans!!! I am Canadian and very overwhelmed. Love my Mom to pieces but this is a full time job at $1,000.00 a week which she doesn't have. My Mom only worked part time when her two girls grew up and never made $1,000.00 a month, ever!! These caring facilities are "highway robbery", really only out for the mighty dollar. My Sister and I will have no inheritance, and I don't want one, Mom's money is hers, but giving such outlandish money to facilities to get rich really raises my blood pressure. Any extra assistance other than meals, changing your bed and cleaning your room once a week, is at an additional cost. Only construction going forward are the independent high end cost facilities. Todays generation with jobs that have no pensions and living in the day, will be wheelchair bound curbside with signage for "help", as they will "never" be able to afford a care facility that may be available.
Any suggestions or recommendations to my dilemma would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Sporty2, we do have several long established Canadian forum members, so I'm hoping that when they spot you they'll have good suggestions about where the right buttons are for you to press.

96, full-blown Alzheimer's Disease and in *independent* *living*?! I suspect that when the people you've spoken to say "it's not a crisis" they mean they're fine with it because you're picking up the slack!

Whereabouts in Canada are you, just to aid research?
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