So my mother is on hospice and my son, her grandson, takes care of her finances. Well her social security got cut in half so we went online to print out the letter to show my mother what's going on. I don't like keeping anything from her. Anyways we couldn't continue because someone did a car loan under her name. I had an attorney do the documents I needed in March and I decided not to go through with but now with this happening I had to get notarized in order to find out who did this? My mom wants to know too. Is it still a valid document if we got it notarized yesterday? I know it's a family member but who? Alot of things being done behind my mother's back and I want to get this all out of the way because my mom shouldn't stress about this stuff! Please I need advice quick and I don't have the money to have the lawyer fix it, that's stressing me out. We are all on disability benefits.

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Your son and grandson " take care of her finances"? How do they do that without power of Attorney?

How long ago was the POA document prepared? Did the attorney tell you it needed to be notarized? Is your mother still competent to sign It?

Are your son and grandson trustworthy? If they have access to your mom's financial information, doesn't it seem likely that the dubious car loan was made by one of them or by someone they divulged information to?
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