My sister discovered this program called PACE that sounds like it might be a Godsend in helping with my Dads care. It is a comprehensive care program to help elders stay in their home longer.
I gather is is a collaboration between medicaid or medicare and participating insurance companies. I don't know all the details but it sounds like the financial aid restrictions are much better that nursing homes/medicaid. There is no look back. As long as my Dads assets are transferred to my Mom they only count his income which is social security right now and I think it will be covered. There is a location very close to my parents house.
The program is all inclusive with onsite doctors (geriatricians) and nurses who will manage his health care and meds. They have a day program with a hot meal and transportation is provided. He can go to the day facility at will. We can visit whenever we want and he is home in the evenings. There's more but I can't remember. This is new info so we need to do some stuff before he can be accepted but it sounds like a wish come true. I guess there are about 90 programs nationwide.
I will keep you all updated and if anyone has heard of this I would love to hear your experience.

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Thank you JessieBell. I hope it's a good fit for Dad.
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Yes, I have heard of them. I remember reading there are strict guidelines of things you can do. If those guidelines meet your needs and you don't need to step outside of them, PACE could be a good thing. I can't remember now the problems that some people had. Maybe someone else on the group will remember.
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OK here is a better list of services they provide. I REALLY hope Dad qualifies!

Primary care physicians and staff with expertise in geriatrics (the care of older adults)
Specialty care
Full prescription drug coverage
100% hospitalization coverage
Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
Adult day health program
Medical transportation
Family caregiver support
Specialized dementia and geriatric care
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