My daddy left my mom in good financial health (thank goodness) and her money will last her around 10 years if we don't go "crazy" or have any major issues (new roof, car, etc.). Mom is wanting to give one of the caregivers a raise and also I am thinking about finding more help for the weekends in order for me to spend time with my family. I have crunched the numbers, and we can do it, but I hate knowing that she may outlive her money and I want to do right by my Daddy's hard work and memory. I don't tell Mom she can't spend money on clothes, etc. but have told her that she just needs to think before she spends.

I don't want to realize when she is gone that I could have spent some money to make her life easier and I was being too "safe" with her money. I know we are blessed to have this money. I can always back off on the extra care on the weekends if I feel like we are spending it too quickly. Thoughts?

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I vote for spending her money on her comfort and your sanity NOW. Better to scrimp on her funeral than her care now.

If she has an outstanding caregiver, raise her salary! Get some weekend help. So many of us would be so grateful if our parent had been left in good financial health. Take advantage of your advantage!
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