My brother has been living with my father in New Britain CT. Recently my brother called me and told me that during the past 4 years since I have not visited Connecticut, he tried to ignore and allowed my Father's mental health to progress until the point of my father becoming viciously violent with everyone that he encounters. My brother and others in the family say they believe my father is not aware of what is going on around him, he is not recognizing people, and not remembering or recalling what people tell him.

My father is in a state of belligerence and no one knows how to get him into a safe situation. He cannot be restrained or drugged without medical permission. If the Cops are called when he becomes aggressive, the Cops will hurt him and if the ambulance is called, they will refuse to take him without his consent. No one can get him to go to the Dr. to get diagnosed. The courts will not grant power of attorney without a medical diagnoses. My bother says he is going to have to leave my father by himself because he cannot endure it any longer.

Help, Someone Please Help Us! What can we do to help my Father?

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Your brother must call 911 and say that your father is "a danger to himself and others". He needs an involuntary psychiatric hold.

The link Joann posted will guide you.
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Here is a site I found. In some states there is the Baker Act but I couldn't find it in Conn.
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This is a scary situation for your family. There must be some way to get him help.

You say “If the cops are called...” I am not clear if they have been called or if this is the family’s concern? Again it is not clear if the police have hurt your Dad or if this is a projected scenario. If Dad is fighting with them, that should be enough to have him taken away.

I do not know the mental health laws in CT, but surely there is a law or act that will allow the police to take your father to a mental health facility based on his actions. Has your brother recorded his actions?

Here, if I call the ambulance for someone in the midst of a mental health crisis, the RCMP will come with the paramedics. The person having the crisis does not get a say in whether or not they are going to the hospital. They can be held on a psychiatric hold, have medication administered and be properly evaluated.

Has your brother called the local mental health agency for advice? At an appointment with them, he could show the video recordings to prove his concerns.

Is your brother’s physical safety at risk from Dad?
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mpineda Feb 2019
Thank You Tothill for your response. I am going to look into how Connecticut works with mental health crisis. The experiences that we have had with law enforcement have not been helpful. Accounting to what my brother said at times neighbors have called the police because of my father's disturbances and the police never resolved anything nor did anything to help the situation, simply because no one pressed charges. Now, my brother is scared to call the Cops when my father gets violent because he has experienced Cops being very aggressive with Hispanics of all ages who show aggression or resistance. The ambulance services told my brother that if my father does not give consent for treatment they cannot treat him and if he calls my brother is responsible for the ambulance bill, which is more than anyone can afford.
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