My Mom sees a Gerontologist for her Alzheimers/memory problems...This is really unfortunate because she is seemingly progressing in her stage; she is in the moderate to severe stage right now...getting more forgetful, over reacts, hygiene getting slack again, all is seeming to be more frequent...We just got the letter today that her Gerontologist is leaving and moving out of state...My Mom was so comfortable with him, and never gave me a hard time when she had to see him. Mom doesn't seem to do well with change but I guess I have no choice. The new dr will have her medical records already but I'm just worried about her comfort level. I know to be vigilant about Mom's reaction and feelings, but if I don't think it's a good replacement dr then I will continue to look. It just worries me that since she is showing more progression I am , I guess, more concerned if the 'new' dr will take as good of care of Mom as the other dr. I know, give the new dr a chance...but if anyone has some suggestions for ease of changing drs, please let me know. Thanks to anyone who can make this a more smoother change for Mom (and me !!! :) )

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Does your mother perform for her doctors? That's not meant to be facetious or critical - I know that elders sometimes do enjoy putting on an act for doctors and getting sympathy from the staff.

If she does, perhaps you could explain that a new doctor will be taking over for the one who is leaving, that you're sure they'll like each other, and that the new doctor will enjoy meeting your mother. Explain also that your mother can tell the new doctor about herself, so she'll be thinking of how she can present herself favorably.

This might be too hard with someone who has dementia, but it's worth a try.

I'm not sure what other methods there might be to make this a positive experience, something exciting and new, since that often has a threatening and unstable effect on a person with dementia.

And if the replacement doctor doesn't meet your expectations, you have ever right to look for someone else.

Best wishes on this new venture for you and your mother and I hope things work out well in spite of the uncertainties.

Wish I had some better suggestions.
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Change is difficult moreso for the caregiver, I think. My mom is entering later stages and she does not remember who her doctor is. She goes because I tell her that everybody needs a checkup once in awhile. To ease your mind you may find ratings of doctors by their patients on website called healthgrades. Check it out.
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