I have a young man we can no longer contain, for his own safety we need to prevent him absconding. He currently kicks the screen door off it tracks. Is there product that you know of that would help us secure his home. DOCS and NDIA are willing to fund this but we need something tried and tested.

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Jeanne, thanks for the explanation. If there are military issues involved, I'm guessing that michelerae has probably already involved the VA, and the 2 agencies mentioned, but is looking for additional solutions.

I sense a lot of pain in his/her post, and probably in the situation. I hope he/she returns to clarify so we can try to offer more succinct suggestions.
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Your use of the term "absconding" makes me wonder if there are criminal activities involved, since term typically has legal meaning. If this is so, is he on parole? Are there mental issues involved as well as behavioral ones?

I think more information on this young man's condition and history would help, especially if there are crossovers between health and criminal behavior.

I googled DOCS but found nothing other than sites related to this abbreviation for "documents". For NDIA, I found many hits on National Defense Industrial Association or the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, but I don't think they're applicable in this situation.

Could you elaborate a bit more on this young man's situation and issues?
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jeannegibbs May 2018
I think DOCS is Dentrust Optimized Care Solutions, which provides medical services to the Military and also to Corrections departments.

NDIA is probably National Defense Industrial Association, which also provides Clinical and rehabilitative medicine to the Military.

I'm going to guess that the young man is a soldier -- (?). I hope michelerae will come back for further discussion.
Michelerae, why is this young man so eager to get away? On this board we are used to hearing about elopement of individuals who have dementia. In their case the damage in their brains compels them to walk and walk and walk. They are called wanderers. They aren't trying to get away, necessarily, they just need to keep moving.

I assume this young man does not have dementia. Is he attempting to run away repeatedly? Why? I mean that both in the sense of what is his stated reason (I hate it here! I never get to watch my favorite tv shows!) and what causes this behavior (does he have a diagnosed mental illness, for example?)

Does he live in a group home, or with family, or what? How much of the time is he supervised? If he starts out the door and someone attempts to bring him back in, is he cooperative?

Many of us have dealt with wandering. I'm sure members will be telling you things they tried. You should know that is sometimes the symptom that leads to placement, in a secure care center. We need to be able to keep our loved ones safe!
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