I am a 56 year old dialysis patient who suffered a stroke in the past. I moved into my 60 year old friends home a few years back and the back yard is in dire need of clean up and to be hauled away. We are basically living on one income and do not have very much money so if this is something we could get done free of charge it would be awesome. Is there any where I can contact that will do this for us?

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Wayne, contact the closest Habitat for Humanity. They perform a variety of tasks for people in need, generally, I believe, on rehabbing or fixing up homes. But I think they also do yard work.

Contact your local community's city/township offices and ask if they have HUD funds for helping people in need. Ours used to (and may still) have funds for emergency situations. I don't know if a yard cleanup would be considered an emergency, but it's worth a try.

This is just a guess, but perhaps a local Boy or Girl Scouts troop might help. I'd also contact the county; mine has a list of referrals for a variety of sources. You might have to do some calling, but eventually you might find some volunteers.

You could also contact the community senior center and ask if they have recommendations, or volunteers who can help.

Ask each of your doctors if they know of social workers who might be able to recommend other sources.

Lastly, you could ask for assistance through one of the local TV stations. They seem to enjoy connecting people in need with volunteers who can help.

There are a number of groups in my area, but they're local. I learned about them through newscasts though.

Good luck; please let us know if you find someone, and what kind of help it is. We can all learn from knowing about people kind enough to offer services to seniors in need.
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