My mom will not bathe anymore maybe once every couple months and that's no joke. I kept count one time and she went 68 days without bathing. It's not her age she's 52 she has energy to work 40+ hours a week so you have energy to bathe. She has told me she's scared of slipping which is understandable but that's why you can take a bath. She's stopped brushing and washing her hair and it's all matted together. So anytime she goes into public she wears her work hat so that shows me she's embarrassed by the way it looks, well if so then wash you're hair and get it untangled and no longer matted together instead she'd rather get off work come home and sit and play on her phone on Facebook book for hours and chain smoke cigarettes. So on top of not bathing and that smell she smells like an ashtray. If you have hours to play on Facebook and post funny stories you have time to take a 10 minute bath, Facebooks not going anywhere it'll be there when you get out the shower. I still love her to death and always will but this is becoming an issue and my patience is thin. She also doesn't brush her teeth ever but that's the least of my worries. She won't go to the hospital for any reason. Please can someone anyone help me.

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Does your mother show any
other out of the ordinary issues? Things like, is she paying her bills in time, loosing things, missing appointments or dates with you?

Cause what your describing is somewhat typical for people with dementia. And, there is such a thing as Early Onset Dementia which is defined as happening to individuals under 65.

Other things that come to mind is Depression or a health issue. Could there be any condition that could be hampering oxygen to the brain - especially if she’s a chain smoker. Does she have any history of stroke or Congestive Heart Failure. Do either of those conditions run in her family?

Behavior as your describing in a woman so young is indeed odd - at best. I can see why you are troubled. Your best bet would be to somehow get her into see a doctor - although you say that’s not likely to occur.

Good luck - sounds like you’re gonna need it.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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