So grandma only thinks her fore and index fingers need to be covered by TP while wiping. She will fold the TP in a quarter of it's original size. Of course, only one square is used. The rest of her fingers end up being covered in poop. Also she needs to pull it out and inspect it before putting it back down in the commode getting both hands covered in poop. I have repeatedly tried teaching her to use more to cover her entire hand. When I'm there with her, she will do just that. When I am not, she will not.

That's just the first part. Cleaning her hand afterwards is a nightmare. She denies that there is any poop on her hand. If I give her a wet wipe. She will just rub her palms with it and deem them clean. The problem is at the finger tips and especially under her nails. Of course, I keep her nails as short as possible. If I try to wipe her hands for her. She will push at me with her poophands. I can't wipe and keep her poophands off of me at the same time. I only have two hands. Thus I end up poop covered.

She is physically capable of going to the bathroom and washing her own hands. She is physically capable of going to the bathroom to use the toilet. She just refuses. The commode started when she fell and injured herself. Now if I take the commode away she'll simply go in the trashcan instead of going to the toilet. So the commode it is.

I don't have much hope, but does anyone have any suggestions of what can be done?

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It would be a lot less frustrating if you took over wiping duty. There usually comes a time when caregivers run into toileting problems and often the best solution is to become more hands on in the bathroom.
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No, but let me know when you find out. Hubs uses only one sheet, looks at it too!
Makes me want to scream!

Would a bidet help?

Maybe you could just take some time out before New Year's, and wash your hair for now? It sounds like the poop is everywhere, so your hygiene needs to be stepped up.
Hoping you have more than one bathroom. You have my sympathy....others will be along to help you! Maybe next year, Lol.

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Full supervision is needed
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Complete nightmare. I remember standing in the hall going "waaaaahhhh!" and not knowing where to start. Everywhere! The handrail! The doorknob! The carpet! How to get her pants off without more solids escaping everywhere? Oh God - had anybody seen the cat - !?!?!?

But that was one particularly memorably occasion, and you (I realise there is a downside to this as well) at least have an identifiable routine to work with.

Get some disposable plastic aprons and some disposable plastic gloves. You can buy bulk supplies cheaply online.

Then just get in there and be her spare pair of hands throughout the process from wiping to hand-washing. Act as far as possible as if you *are* her, doing the job in as natural a sequence as you can. For her dignity it is best to allow her to do as much as she can for herself, but you can hand her the right amount of paper properly folded, you can keep her clothing out of the way, you can head off any mega-lumps threatening to creep inside her wristbands (oh dear God how do we survive this..?).

For the hand washing, run a handbasin full of warm water in advance. Guide her - chatting cheerfully the while - to the basin, soap your own hands, then take hers and wash them as though they were yours. Refill the basin, rinse her hands thoroughly, then also dry them thoroughly.

What you're aiming for, broadly, is for her not to notice that you're there but just to end up really thoroughly clean and comfortable. Distract her with comments about what a pretty scent the soap has, or is this her regular brand of toilet paper you must remember to get that one next time, or that her tv programme starts in five minutes so you thought she'd like a hand. Don't confront her or argue with her about things she isn't doing right, just help her to do them or if necessary do them for her.
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Poop is the darndest thing. It just gets on everything. My dad used to clean his own bathroom so I never had a reason to go in there. But one day I had to grab a towel to add to the laundry and I was shocked at what I saw. I had seen him cleaning yet it looked a what? Like a truck stop only not so clean! It took me hours to clean and this was a teeny tiny bathroom. There was poop everywhere! On the shower doors! Now how does that happen?? But I digress....

If your mom will allow you to clean her up that would be the best solution. Second best would be for her to don gloves once she's in the bathroom. You as well in case she'd let you help her. Then just slip the gloves off inside out and toss them in the trash when she's done. You may not be able to break her habit of looking at the tissue before she flushes it but maybe if she's wearing gloves you won't have the clean up every time she goes.

Elderly people and their poop *shaking my head*
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Thanks for the replies.

There's already a bidet in the bathroom. I put it there years ago when grandma was using a cup of water to clean herself off. She used to use that bidet all the time. Now, I can't get her into the bathroom at all let alone to use the bidet.
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Gershun would say: Hmm, can't say that I would know what to say in this instance. I am officially flummoxed.

You have my sympathy. Seriously! Perhaps you could get her some disposable gloves to wear before she enters washroom. Of course this would mean waylaying her at the door before she enters bathroom. Other than that, don't know what to say.
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I’m not sure what to suggest. I feel your pain, actually I’ve wrestled with a person covered in poop. Indeed, what can you grab first?

This sounds like a woman who had an elaborate ritual of booty cleansing for most of her life but now, when she attempts to complete the ritual she has synaptic short circuits and botches the job.

I know, knowing why doesn’t help. Maybe her meds need adjustment?
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Mom would evacuate her bowels then wipe up---a big "no-no" for avoiding a bladder infection.
I just jumped in and said,"Let me help you".
I didn't bother with toilet paper, too easy for "breakthrough".
Huggies or Costco baby wipes work the best. We also bought gloves and a roll of plastic bags.

I would unfold a bag, then put on the gloves, check the diaper (and put it in the bag if wet), then put the wipes in the bag after cleaning her, then take off gloves and tie it up and out to the trash.

After "taking over" a few times, she just let me do it.

What a poopy situation💩
but it worked for us.
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You don't say what is going on with grandmother, but, when seniors are unable to handle their own bathroom hygiene, their caretakers must take that on. Generally, people don't mishandle their feces without some mental issues. I'd discuss it with her doctor. Are you the Healthcare POA? And come up with a plan for her care. People may require constant supervision in the bathroom. There are also clothing that can prevent them from strewing their feces. These garments are available online at various sites for Alzheimers patients.

I'd also try to avoid blame, as it seems you think that grandma is at fault for what she is doing. I'd read a lot about the reasons and how people are not responsible for their behavior when they are sick.
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