My mother is making me sick and admits it sometimes and denies it some. This has been going on since my brother won't talk to her last year, but never extreme like this. What do I do?

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Have you had her checked for a UTI. This will effect them mentally. Its serious if not taken care of. People become septic. She should be evaluated cognitively. Dementia can come on slowly where u don't see the signs or chalk it up to aging.

You need to set boundries. Yes, respect her but don't allow her to abuse you. Hopefully you don't live together, if not, just walk away. Tell her see you when you r in a better mood. If she keeps it up, tell her you will visit when she respects you. It goes both ways. You are an adult and should be treated as such. Living with her this will be harder. But you can still walk away and leave.
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Beginning at the beginning, could you explain

what your mother is having to cope with that is a problem
why it might be difficult for her to face up to it
in what way she is being mean to you
what help she needs from you, or from someone else instead of you
why it's difficult for you to help her
and what it's all got to do with your brother.

Once we understand the situation I hope you'll get lots of good advice.
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