My boyfriend and I are closing on a house next week, we’ve been renting for the past year. He just found out that his mom has squandered away over 100k in the past 4-5 years from her reverse mortgage and is now worried about money to support herself. He said if she needed to move in with us she would, didn’t ask, just said if she needed to she would. She is 84 and stubbornly unsafe and a huge fall risk with everything she does. I do not want or feel responsible for taking care of her as she gets further along and more disabled. I have met her twice and have no connection to her and I’m not even married to her son yet. I have a back injury that won’t even make it possible to help her with the slightest of transfer tasks. My boyfriend works 10-11 hour shifts and says he’ll take care of her and I’ve told him he has no idea what 24/7 care for an adult who out weighs him or I is like. I took care of my father who had a severe stroke almost ten years ago and it was mentally the hardest thing I have ever done and my thyroid basically died from all the stress involved but I loved him to death and I’d kill myself to do it again if he were still alive. I also don’t want her to pass away in my house as he thinks is only a matter of time. I don’t want to find her dead one day or have my son find her. I don’t want her dying in this house we are starting our new life in after my divorce from a 20 year marriage. I don’t love or even respect my boyfriends mother, she is the reason why my boyfriend is so lazy and disrespectful at times and I shouldn’t have to pay 35k of my own money for a down payment on a house we share ownership of (he isn’t putting anything down, but is going to make the mortgage payments once we are in) to be forced to care for his mother and support her living with us for what could be 10 more years. He has no idea what could happen and how much care she will need. Her living with us would be like having a permanent house guest that is a stranger to me. We don’t have room for her and she will have to live downstairs and come upstairs for everything she needs. I swear if my boyfriend says we have to give her our master bedroom upstairs because she “deserves the best room in the house” I think I may explode. He lets her have the best room anywhere they go on vacation and would make me sleep on the floor to give her the king bed somewhere instead of letting her sleep in the twin bed so everyone has a bed so I wouldn’t put that past him. He can’t afford to pay to have someone take care of her 24/7, and I know he will eventually use that as an excuse for why I have to take care of her since I dont work full time (which the part time job I have may not last long due to my back injuries). I paid extra to have the third bedroom for my 20yo daughter, who may return home one day and I’ll need to help her (my responsibility) to get back on her feet. His mom could sell her house and live on the 100k proffit for several years without coming straight here, but he’s telling her things like “we’d love to have you here, we’ll have a blast”, not “well if we need to have you live here because of financial issues, you’re more than welcome”….I have told him that her living downstairs and sharing a bathroom with my son and not having anything she owns here and no family or friends and having lived her whole life in one town is ridiculous, she won’t be happy. She won’t see her son more than an hour a day and I am not going to become her sole caregiver and make myself Ill and further injure myself. My daughter won’t even be able to visit if she lives here because there would be nowhere for her to stay. We aren't even married and I think every possible alternative should be exhausted before even mentioning that she move in, but he’s acting like it’s happening and he’s getting her all hyped up thinking she’s coming here to live with us.

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I stopped reading your post when you said that your boyfriend is lazy and disrespectful. Why on God's green earth would you want to "buy" a house with him( even though it sounds like you're spending all your money and not his)and then have to take his mother in if needed, with a man who doesn't respect you?
I think it's you that needs some help here and need to reevaluate what exactly you're doing here. This is not going to get any better you know. You and your children deserve so much better. But I don't think you know that yet. You obviously have had issues in your past that makes you believe that you deserve to be disrespected and have to support a man.
I'm here to tell you that you're doing it all wrong, and I hope after you read more of the responses on here that you will have a "lightbulb" moment, and perhaps even back out of the closing of the house. That is unless it's just for you and your children.
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MaryKathleen Feb 2022
I agree, why would you go through with escrow? I would bail even if I lost the earnest money.
Cancel the closing.

Break up with the "boyfriend".

These two sound like professional grifters.

Don't be their victim.
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NotaslavetoMIL Feb 2022
I’ve known him since I was 13, grew up in the same hometown. He’s not a grifter and his mom lives back home, 15 hours away and that’s why he’s so worried about her living alone now with her financial issues. The house was my idea and I had to convince him that I wanted to use my savings for it, he is very against me using my savings but I can’t get a loan without a full time job so he is getting the mortgage and I’m listed as the owner, nothing is shady. I hate wasting money on rent and I wanted a home for me and my kids, not a rental home. I just need ideas about how to make him
understand this isn’t a good knee jerk solution to her problem and that it’s not being disrespectful to her to try and find other ways to fix it without her moving in with us for what could be a long time and he just has no idea what caregiving entails.
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You would be wise to NOT put his name on the mortgage.

Sorry, sounds like he is using you and creating a situation where you will be financially dependent on him. Red flags of abuse are frantically waving as I read this.

If you buy this house, this is what your life will be. A lazy, disrespectful male, doing whatever he wants, regardless of how it effects you.

You should run now and let him figure it out with his mommy.
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Whatever it will cost you to cancel the sale contract is will be far less than the cost to your health and well being if his mother moves in,

He is not the man for you. He is looking for you to bankroll a house for him and his Mum and to be her full time caregiver. Run while you still can.


I just read your reply that was posted when I first made my post.

I really truly hope you consider getting therapy asap. I hear echoes in your words of things I woudl have said years ago, when I thought I had firm boundaries, but in reality was bring gas lighted.

Your boyfriend is not going to "hear" what you have to say about the amount of work and level of care his mother will need in the future. He just does not want to hear it.

Your last line:

"Once I voiced my concerns he apologized and said he didn’t think he was making it a demand, he just meant that if she needed anything he would have to do whatever she needed to take care of her." He needs to sit down right now and think about how HE is going to provide care, especially as SHE will not be in YOUR house.
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I have been married and divorced. I really cannot see why you would go in on a house with a man you have described. Your BF is looking at this house as his because he will be paying the mortgage. You don't even come into the picture if he feels he can tell Mom she can move in without consulting you. This will never be your house.

I think you know the answer or you wouldn't have posted. Back out now. Do not put any money down and if you have to, pay the penalty for backing out. Then re-evaluate your relationship. What I see is you ending up paying the rent and all Mom's needs. Me, I would be finding a place of my own. You are going from the fire into the frying pan. You deserve much more than this man is willing to give. No matter what you say to him, you will become Moms caregiver.
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Sounds like you've already answered your own question. Your boyfriend's mom moving in is a hard NO. Period. There's your answer.

Also, let me say this - don't move in with someone you're not married to!! It's not a good thing for you, your kids, him, or his kids. My objective opinion is that you have a whole host of problems and aggravations with him & the entire situation and you haven't even moved in together yet. If you are not on the same page now (financially, parenting style, major decisions about his mother) it's only going to get worse down the road.

Save yourself the grief, keep your money and put it on a house for just for your kids. Or continue to rent He can visit whenever the wants!

Also, what is his financial situation? Why is he not splitting the down payment with you? Agreeing to pay the mortgage payments and actually doing so are two different things. If you do end up moving in with this guy I certainly would not put the house in both of your names. Not without being married.

No judgment here, just looking out for you as I see this as a train wreck in the making.
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Cancel the sale, cancel the rebound boyfriend (I don't care how long you've known him), and just take care of you and your daughter. Buy a house when YOU can qualify for it on your own, or just rent.

Having him get a mortgage but not be an owner of the house opens you up to all sorts of problems. He could decide to stop paying one day, and YOU lose all the money you put down as well as your home. That'an insanely bad idea.

Notice I haven't mentioned his mother at all? She's not your problem.
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Beatty Feb 2022
Excellent advice MJ.

It also fits with Countrymouse's advice (from a different post) for when things are not working:

"Stop. Then Start again".
Run. Turn and run while you can. It’s obvious that you have looked ahead and considered your possible future and see that it won’t be a good future under these conditions. Turn and run. If the hair is standing up on the back of your neck, there’s a good reason!
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You are going to sign on to a mortgage that only you are putting money down on in the "hopes" that he will pay the monthly?

Your signature, YOUR debt.

Do you understand the obligation you are taking on by taking out this mortgage? Unless you can make the payments ON YOUR OWN, do not take it out.

Do you live in a community property state?

Do you have a lawyer advising you who has YOUR best interests at heart?
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You are going to gift this man 35K for a down payment, then put yourself in a situation that you depend on him to pay the mortgage?! Really? And then a strong possibility of mommy moving in? Then you are stuck to accept the inevitable, if you want the mortgage paid.

Have you at least run this arrangement by an attorney?

Mom's 100K profit from selling her home? She won't have 100K, that reverse mortgage will have to be paid off out of any proceeds.

Run, run as fast as you can.
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NotaslavetoMIL Feb 2022
She would have 100k after she sold the house and paid off the reverse mortgage. But I don’t want that money put towards my house like someone suggested, then she’d be part owner,and in my home, and thinking she’s paid for her care, that’s exactly what I don’t want. But the 100k is enough to sustain her without her moving into my house for quite a while if my BF would have a talk with her about her finances but he won’t push the subject because he thinks that is being disrespectful to her to tell her how to spend her money. My point is that if she is expecting him to bail her out of her mess and let her live with us he has every right to tell her she needs to work out a budget so she doesn’t need to ask him for money or a place to stay in the future.
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