She lived alone until she broker her hip in January.

The Assisted Living took her and she has been there.

During that time she calls the police a lot. Sometimes she’s in pain, sometimes she says she’s having a heart attack.

Tonight she was admitted for decline in mental health.

AL appears to be setting a case for her to not return. They seem to drop statements like a memory care unit would be better. Are we fighting a losing battle, would memory care be better?

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Thank you, we have a neurologist appt. in a couple weeks, with dementia Alz special.
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Does she have a neurologist? If not, get her a referral, they will help establish where she is really at and the appropriate level of care.

Hospitalization can cause a person with dementia to become further confused, sometimes it is temporary and sometimes it is the beginning of a downward spiral.

The AL she is in may not be suitable to keep her safe.

That should be addressed with a neurologist or a geriatrician. Hospitalists are not a good resource for this, in my experience they work in the hospital because they are to ignorant to have a practice. Please get her a specialist and get a diagnosis for her.

It will help all of you to know what the right placement is.
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