I cared for him since 2016. Can I get paid for taking care of him? I did everything he had to learn how to walk again and everything.

I'm in a similar situation and have been taking care of Pops since 2003. I don't know of any programs that will pay me to do it.
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Grandma1954 May 24, 2019
If your Pops is a Veteran there are programs that would pay you to care for him.
He could actually pay you. You should have a "contract" and do it the way you would any for any other caregiver, lawn service, or other work you would have done.
This money would come out of his account though not from some grant or fund.
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It’s too late to be paid for the care you gave him. Most states have programs that will pay a family caregiver but there are a few states that won’t pay a spouse. Even if you are in a state that will pay a spouse, it sounds like you want compensation for taking care of him after the accident? Yeah you can’t retroactively get paid something you did a few years ago.....unless he receives an insurance payout and pays you. Going forward, if he is medically and financially eligible & your state pays family caregivers, you may be able to be his paid caregiver but keep in mind, pay is minimum wage and unless you are MI or NY, you will only be paid to work a few hours a week. Your area on aging and department of social services is where you would find out information on the options you have.
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Not sure about generally but when my Husband was on a program through the VA I could not get paid as a caregiver. If I were any other relative other than the SPOUSE I would have been able to get paid. If he were an EX-husband you probably could have received payment.
And I think in hindsight, if you are talking 2016 it might be a bit late for trying to get compensation.
If this was the fault of another driver it is possible that some compensation could have been worked out, if you gave up working to care for him. And knowing what a TBI can do later cognitively, earlier onset of dementia or even a diagnosis of dementia where he might not have developed dementia at all. But that would be tough to prove.
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