If your GF has money in the bank that he does not need for paying bills, talk with an elder care lawyer about a personal services contract.
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Cherishjoy, I see from your profile that your Grandfather is only 73 years old and has dementia, so that must make you younger than 35, correct?

A vast majority of family caregivers are not paid, unless the love one they are caring for pays them from their own savings account.

If your Grandfather is unable to do that, contact your State Medicaid office [which is different from Medicare] to see if your Grandfather can be accepted into the program. Each State runs their own Medicaid programs.

Some State will offer minimum wage for a few hours each week. Others will not pay if a family member is living in the same house as the person they are caring.

May I ask what you are doing about health insurance, putting money into Social Security and into Medicare? I know when I was your age decades ago, I never thought about those things.

With caregiving, up to 40% of family caregivers will die leaving behind their love one, not good odds. You will find the physical and emotional stress overwheming after awhile.

Time for the family to sit down and think ahead on what is the next step. Otherwise you could be caring for your Grandfather for the next 10-15 years. And if your parents are still in your life, they will be asking you to caregive for them.
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Sometimes depending on your state. Contact your Area Agency on Aging and discuss your GFs situation. Ask for an assessment and perhaps you can find assistance.
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