You CAN be paid as a spouse through Medicaid in your state (Ohio). However your state is one that is not very generous when it comes to how many hours they will pay. However Medicaid will not pay for “non Medical home care”—the home care has to be medically necessary and you have to be financially eligible as well.
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Why are you saying non-medical? Seems your husbands problems are all medical conditions.

I agree, finding help maybe better and then you work. Is husband on SSD. If so, he gets Medicaid, correct. Medicaid has homecare programs. They also have transportation services.

You continuing to work is good for you in many ways. SS for one. That income will mean more SS when the time comes. Gets u out of the house.
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It's my understanding that the spouse doesn't get paid anything. It's a really twisted system, if you think about it. They will generally pay for various levels of in home care so that you can go to work and they will even pay for inpatient care. As far as I know, no one has yet realized that if they provide health insurance and a small stipend for family caregivers, then family members might be able to care for their loved ones in their home a bit longer and save the taxpayers a heap of cash.
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worriedinCali May 21, 2019
It actually varies by state and most states WILL pay a spouse to be a caregiver. There are a few that will not pay a spouse or member of the same household.
I do not believe there is any pay available for a spouse.

You might find assistance that will provide an aid for a bit of time each week or month.

Contact your local Medicaid and start the application, this will probably get you some aid hours.
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worriedinCali May 21, 2019
Spouses in most states can be paid caregivers through Medicaid and other state programs.
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