When I take him out to get exercise, Mall or stores seem to be best because floors are flat. However, when he uses men's room if I am not staring at door he will walk away. He made it down escalator when I called him, he couldn't tell me one thing in front of him, found in shoe dept. Another time he made it out the door and was walking in parking lot. Luckily a woman came to me said she saw someone with his description walking out door. We went into a store he took off his shirt, quite upsetting for store staff. Trying to find something he could wear that has gps farther than 300 ft. Think he is in sundowning stage. Wakes up at 3 am wants to go to hospital, cant say why. Also, goes to refrigerator gets drink. He is incontinent takes wet, etc. underwear off and puts in closet or bureau. I try not to get upset but don't know what to do. I found article "10 commandments of caregiving", trying very hard to follow. I say stay with me, haven't figured out how to not say please don't." He won't can't remember anyway.

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Sorry to hear you're having problems similar to mine. My wife has wandered out of the store without paying for merchandise, which I had to take back into the store and pay for.
She wandered off once and I had to enlist the assistance from store employees to find her after I searched for nearly an hour to find her.
My current solution is to put her into a wheelchair to keep her in site and control.
That is no help with her exercise. For that I just hold her hand and walk thru the store. No malls for us. Are there any senior centers or public gyms in your area? Walking around in a place like that might help you with him. We have them with adjoining parks help us, until the weather turns hot.
Watching the kids and their parents play is fun.
I don't know anything about GPS systems. Sorry about that. I wish I could help more.
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In my Township, the Police provide ankle bracelets for free.
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Jan, as far as the incontinence, why isn’t he wearing Depends?Take his underwear out of his drawer and replace it with incontinence briefs. And, for the exercise, can the two of you walk in your neighborhood instead? A mall is large and noisy and if you need to watch him every second, not really all that beneficial. He’s gotten away from you twice already and next time it might not end well. Does he attempt to leave your home as well? You may want to consider putting door alarms on, especially if he is sundowning. You can call a medical supply store and ask about Wander Guards that may have a greater range but your best bet is like with a child, dont take your eyes off him when you’re out.

You may want to start thinking of a facility for him. Dementia only gets worse and he will be harder and harder to care for.
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