I have read loads of info on this site regards dementia and behaviours. I know there is no hard and definite rate of decline as all are individual. I will explain some of my Dads to get some advice. It started around 3 years ago maybe longer. That's when I noticed strange behaviour. Always said he was ill and wanted doctor but could never describe symptoms. Went round in circles. Sore back. Sore leg. Sore stomach. If I phoned when on vacation he was always very ill. Now in care. Hallucinations and everything is lies. Being aggressive to me. In denial of how he cannot get out of care. Now says he was in perfect health before care home and that's what has caused him to be ill. Rants about everything and does not like anybody. Does nothing. Just sits all day. Says food is poisoned and they all get injections with huge needles. Sees dead relatives. Is this a stage which will pass?

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hi my mom has dementia too. she's (88 yo) in an assisted living facility.

she hasn't ever been aggressive, but she did get obsessed about people coming in her room and taking things etc. (she doesn't have hallucinations tho) the dr said they aren't hallucinations. but my mom will tell me she sees these people, strangers etc.

usually when she makes up stuff, its about someone took something of hers. and then she obsesses over it.

I was able to have her see a geriatric dr who prescribed low dose Citalopram(Celexa)  which is a anti-depressant 

my mom isn't depressed but the drug helps balance her out. it seems to be working ok for now.
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Check out information on Lewy Body Dementia. It may help with some of your questions. Dementia is the umbrella, but there are several different kinds of diseases under that umbrella.......they are all similar in some ways and very different in others.
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Hallucinations, delusions, aggression, paranoia, denial of disease. These are all normal parts of the disease, unfortunately.
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Patience, what a sad situation! Dementia is always heartbreaking.

Are you in the US? What was your dad like before the symptoms started appearing 3 years ago? What was your relationship with him? How long has he been in care? What kind of center is it? What kind of doctor diagnosed the dementia? Has he seen specialists?

I'm really sorry, Patience, to bombard you with questions, but we can generally be more on-target in our responses if we understand the background a little.

I suggest you take 3 minutes to watch this youtube video about the progression of Alzheimer's.

Other kinds of dementia progress in other patterns, but the behaviors and symptoms always correspond to where damage is being done in the brain.

It sounds like your dad has damage in the part of the brain that allows him to be logical (thinking he can leave care), the part that allows him to control emotions (being aggressive to you) and the part that makes sense of what he sees, hears, feels, and smells (hallucinations). Does seeing the video match your experience?

Sometimes dementia behaviors last for a while and then fade away. My husband was paranoid for a few months. (It was awful!!) I'm so glad that one went away for him. And sometimes behaviors come to stay. Maybe other members know how to predict this. I don't!

None of this answers your question about whether his present behavior will pass. Sorry.

At this point I think the best you can do is take what comes, one day at a time, and aim for the best quality of life he can have under the circumstances. Try not to argue with him. Only correct him if it really matters. Realize that he isn't "lying" -- he is behaving in accordance with the damage in his brain. He is in his own world. Try to join in there as often as you can.

This is hard! Do you a support group for yourself?
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