Grandpa is wanting to get out of bed less and less. He is pretty mean about it. So I’m trying to change the bed his clothes and the bed pads and diapers plus clean him up without a fight. What is the best way to go about this?

PS> here is a good place to use peapod mats.
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I just watched a good you tube video on this subject. It was very interesting. You might search for and watch several of them. But I would also try to get an AIDE to instruct you on what ,why and how things are done.
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Ask his doctor to refer him for home health and get them to teach you how to do this without hurting yourself or granddad.

He may qualify for hospice care and that will help you with some extra hands and help.

I found with my sister, all of her care team was happy to show me how to help her.

Hugs, you are a good grandchild and he is blessed to have you.
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