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Does he strain a lot? If so, that's why. His blood pressure is probably dropping too much afterwords. When I have a tough bowel movement, I get all weak knee and feel like passing out.

Make sure he gets plenty of fluid and fiber to make sure his feces is soft. Use a stool softener if needed. That will make it much easier.
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I would recommend learning about vasovagal syncope and asking his doctor about it. My Mom has this and gets very weak and sometimes faints after a bowel movement. I have witnessed this personally 4 times in the past 2 years. Twice she just got very sweaty and weak while on the toilet, the latest episode last week she fainted and was out cold at least 5 minutes. It’s important to lay him down immediately and get his feet up when he feels like this.

She has been on a stool softener in case a painful BM triggered it, but it evidently hasn’t helped, but hers is definitely triggered by sitting on the toilet.
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JoAnn29 Feb 8, 2019
This happened to my Mom. Her BP would go down and was causing the problem. Check Dads BP the next time. You can call his PCP to see what is Dads normal.
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Unfortunately, I think it goes with the territory. Being exhausted from everything. My mom is 93 and sometimes I think just breathing is exhausting for her.

Is your dad active or sedentary? With my mom being so sedentary she has lost all of her muscle mass, there is no strength left for any activity! Everything wears them out.

Doc even ordered physical therapy and occupational therapy through home health which I highly recommend. Exercises should be continued and that is where I ran into trouble with her. She isn’t thrilled about doing it. So it’s a cycle. She gets weak all over again from not using her muscles.

My mom hated her physical therapist’s favorite saying, “Use it or lose it!”
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