My Dad has turned very angry and only wants to speak to me to get angry about one thing or another.
How do I respond?

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Is this new behavior? Has he been tested for urinary tract infection?
You may want to look up "gray rock" responses. They work for some, and not for others. Do not, whatever you do, argue or fight back, because matters will then get worse. If you are unable to do something he wants then say "Sorry Dad. I can't do that". Leave him alone when he is being bad and be with him when good and you will reinforce good behavior, much like a two year old. I am assuming your Dad has some stage of dementia, because if he's just a mean old man, get out of there!
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You need to find the reason behind his anger and address it.  He needs to see his family physician asap.  He could be having tia's or any number of things could be causing this.  Get him to a doctor.  You can't live like this - it isn't healthy for either one of you.
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