My Dad was in the Navy but did not fight in any wars. Can he still get benefits?

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Did he serve during wartime, even if he remained stateside? Does he have any service connected disabilities? Was he honorably discharged? When did he serve?
YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!

There is nothing said about having to have served during wartime or overseas. The biggest problem is President Bush decided that there should be an income ceiling - stupid!

However, there are ways to get him into the VA system. Start by finding the VA Advocate - there should be one somewhere near you.

Ask other veterans, someone will have a name and phone number.

And believe it or not, even dishonorably discharged can sometimes be eligible. It never hurts or costs just to ask.
Contrary to the above answer from Raylin, I've been told that the Veteran must have been in the Korean and/or Vietnam wars or been exposed to Agent Orange. Call the VA. They will give you the parameters for being able to seek aid. The MOST important document will be the service member's DD214. That is CRUCIAL.
Best of luck!
Clarifying my response: My inquiry was in regards to a surviving spouse. VA benefits for retired military may be completely different. I was seeking Pension benefits for my disabled mother, who is a widow. They do a thorough check of finances and factor in the need for medical aid and attendance.
I've been told by several veterans benefits experts that you need to have served in wartime to be eligible for Aid & Attendance, but you don't need to have deployed overseas
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Do NOT use the term "Agent Orange"
There are other chemicals that were used, Agent Orange is just 1. If you say the problems that are now diagnosed were due to "Agent Orange" and the Vet never was exposed to Agent Orange but another chemical that may invalidate benefits.
Instead of the term "Agent Orange" use the term "Agent Rainbow" this will include all other chemical agents that the Vet may have been exposed to.
To determine if a Veteran is eligible for benefits contact the VA or contact a local Veterans Commission Office and have them do some research for you. This costs nothing and if there are papers that are needed that you do not have they can help get them for you before you contact the VA. This can expedite things. There is NO charge at the Veterans Commission Office. There are some companies that do the same thing and may charge you but paying for this service is unnecessary.
Kristen3: As far as surviving spouse obtaining benefits, I was told in order to get benefits other funeral expenses for the veteran, that the veteran would have to have been injured or KIA.
Wow. Seems that everyone has been told or heard differing qualifiers for aged veterans to receive a, some, any benefits.

I’d recommend getting your answers straight from the source. Start with your local Veterans Administration - if they can’t help, they ought to be able to point you in the right direction to an appropriate agency/commission who can get you accurate answers.

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