Husband is 100% perm. disabled for PTSD, had an above-the-knee leg amputated, but can not use his prosthetic leg due to extreme weight loss and currently has a feeding tube. He also requires 24 hr oxygen. I can not apply for employment because he requires round-the-clock care. The only money we receive is his VA pension. We have used most of our savings. We have received care in the past, but he will not let anyone but me do any personal hygiene and other duties.

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Lisa, contact your husband's VA care team, ask for the social worker, and ask about options. I've found the VA social workers to be very knowledgable and helpful, and know the regs and what's available.
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Hi Lisa,
You are dealing with a lot, I hope you have emotional support for yourself.
Have you investigated getting SSI? That is Social Security Disability. Here is a link to the website (you may have to copy and paste it:
Many states also have respite care services. I would look on the .gov website for your state. Is there a contact at the VA who can help you with this, a social worker?
Best of luck, thank you and your husband for your service to our country.
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