My Mother has taken sponge baths for the last 10 years until now. Now she is very weak, weighs only 72 pounds and doesn't like for me to bathe her. How often is it necessary to give her a bath. I've been trying for every three days with washing her feet everyday and cleaning her heal bed sores. Any suggestions?

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Near the end my Luz could not walk or stand on her own so I had to bathe her while holding her up. I used a plastic wash basin with warm water and anti-bacterial soap in it. The scented type. I would also use the disposable cleansing cloths. She did not resist but could not help.
She knew she needed to wash since she was incontinent, so she co-operated. She was also nonverbal.
Unfortunately this only last a few weeks before she passed away. Her dementia did its demonic thing very fast.
I would try to let Mother do the washing and only assist her when necessary. The scented powders, lotions, etc seems like a good idea. Maybe even scented candles to get her into the mood.
Best of luck to you.
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I think it depends on the senior and how difficult it is for them (and you) in the larger scheme of things.
My mom loved her showers. Three a week from 94 to 97 until her death. Daily before that.
If I were you I wouid just do bottom daily and a portion a day of the rest. Don’t call it a bath.
Let’s wash your legs and feet so we can try this new lotion...or rose water. Run her towels through the dryer so they are nice and warm. Play soft music. Do the towels sometimes when there is no water involved. Just as a treat.
My mom was never bed bound so I appreciate we are not talking the same level of care needed.
I just couldn’t let it pass that 97 yr olds don’t like baths.

But if my mom didn’t want them, I’d lighten up.
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Good points! Thank you so much!
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Lyndamac, as we get older, taking a bath/shower is like going to the gym for a workout. Therefore, at 97, it is plain exhausting/overwhelming.

I remember back over a half century ago when Saturday night was bath night. So, unless one worked in the coal mines, doing farming, or other laborious type of work, once a week bath was all it took.

It's my understanding there are adult cleaning cloths that one can purchase. I find using baby wipes just as effective. It depends on the situation. If a love one is incontinent, it will take more work on your part.

I bet your Mom loved rose scented products. I remember how great the powder smelled when my Mom had used it. One might have to go to Vermont County Store website to get this product.
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Rose water is readily available at most health food stores nowadays.

Just fyi
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